The Business Anti-Sedition Standard

Sunil Paul
3 min readJan 13, 2021


We are investors and business people who are patriots and believers in democracy & the rule of law. The events of Jan. 6, 2021 make it clear that we all must move beyond politics and more forcefully defend our values.

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At this time when the foundations of our democracy are at risk, it is not enough to hold our own opinions. Whatever our political disagreements, we cannot disagree about facts and the fundamental rules of our society.

While we act with a deep love of our country, these actions are also about business. For business to operate, we must have a common agreement of what is true and a common way to resolve disputes through a peaceful, legal process. We want to do business with people who operate with integrity and recognize the rule of law and the Constitution. The people who led and enabled Jan. 6th are not committed to these principles.

We do not expect to agree on policy or ideology, but it is unacceptable to promote the lie that Trump won the 2020 Presidential election, despite the rulings of 60 courts and the Supreme court. We do not want to be associated with people who aided and abetted this big lie and enabled the seditious attack on the Capitol.

Therefore, we will not:

  • Continue to invest in or work with your company if the leaders attached below or their investment vehicles are investors or shareholders in your company.
  • Invest in or associate with future funds if you also accept investment from those listed below.
  • Accept investment from or work with your fund if you have accepted investment from the leaders below.
  • Work with firms that donate to these politicians or their associated political funds.
  • Make any donations to any of the politicians listed below.

We do not take these actions lightly, knowing our words and our behavior will define us for generations to come. We encourage other business leaders to affirm the core principles on which this country has been built and uphold this standard.


Sunil Paul

Patrick Crane

Arvind Rajan

Matt Abrams

Sid Viswanathan

James Worden

Anita Rajan Worden

Rob Kramer

Kush Singh

Scott Roberts

Jonathan L Fulps

Bud Colligan

Chris Van Dyke

Moira Hanes

Andrew McGuire

Patrick Ciganer

Chris Van Dyke

Susan Kenneally

David Uri

Steven Lefar

Glenn Williamson

Larry Cornett

Keith Shiver

Ralph Uri

Ken Granberg

Steve Cadigan

Wallon Walusayi

John Balvach

William Jolitz

Ben Michaelis

Steve Johnson

Susan Kenneally

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List of those who led or enabled the Jan. 6th insurrection:

Donald J. Trump

Rudy Guliani

Eric Trump

Donald Trump Jr

Jared Kushner

Ivanka Trump

Josh Hawley

Ted Cruz

Kevin McCarthy

And the other 144 other Senators and Representatives who voted to to overturn election results, available here: