America has had many close elections, but two of the most consequential — and most screwed up — were 1876 and 2000.

They were botched and stolen elections that changed the course of history. Had they turned out different, we might have better racial justice and a solution to climate…

I recently had the opportunity to do a workshop lead by Tom Chi, a co-founder of Google X. He described the techniques he helped hone there to rapidly innovate on moonshot ideas. His stories are astounding:

— Project Loon, an audacious effort to bring cell service to remote parts of…

The idea: 24 hours without social media, TV, reading books, newspapers, or listening to podcasts or the radio.

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Here is what I learned:

It was harder than I thought. Now, mind you, I once did a seven day media fast. That was excruciating, but I survived. I figured, “hey a week was hard so, 24 hours? I got this.” But a year of re-habituation to media consumption and I had an automatic urge…

And What it Means for Innovation and Competition

Today, we filed an antitrust lawsuit against Uber. As an entrepreneur, a champion for transportation innovation for two decades and an advocate for consumer choice, I feel a responsibility to hold Uber accountable for its anti-competitive behavior.

We do not take this action lightly. I co-founded Sidecar in 2011, and…

A daily meditation practice is way easier than this!

I made meditation a daily habit after years of trying & failing. It was easier than I thought once I figured out four key insights.

  1. Redefine success. The media & religious idea of meditation (like the one above) is of something hard to do that brings total bliss. Growing up…

I like to reflect on what surprised us most over the year. It helps me understand conventional wisdom and the surprises that upset it… helpful if you want to defy conventional wisdom and be all disrupty & stuff.

1. Bitcoin Bites Back

Conventional wisdom last year: Blockchain is important but cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, not…

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